7/11/2018 05:30 PM PDT

Flash Flood Warning Issued for Eastern San Diego County Until 8PM

At 5:06PM the National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Warning for Eastern San Diego County until 8:00PM. Some locations that will likely experience flooding include Hwy 78 between Borrego Springs Rd and Ocotillo Wells, Hwy 78 between S2 and Borrego Springs Rd, Borrego Springs, I-8 between Boulevard and Imperial County Line, I-8 between Pine Valley and Boulevard, Hwy S22 between Borrego Springs and Imperial County Line, Hwy S2 Vallecito Creek Rd, Ocotillo Wells, Hwy S2 between Canebrake and Imperial County Line, Hwy S2 between Agua Caliente and Canebrake, Fish Creek Wash, Boulevard, Hwy S2 between Shelter Valley and Agua Caliente, Canebrake, Ocotillo Wells Vehicular Rec Area, Agua Caliente, Campo Indian Reservation, Live Oak Springs, Manzanita Indian Reservation and La Posta Indian Reservation. 

For additional information, follow @NWSSanDiego.