San Diego County Reunification Page

American Red Cross Reunification Website

Safe and Well is an online reunification tool that is activated during disasters and emergencies in the nation. Individuals can mark themselves as safe during a disaster, and look up family members and friends to check their safety status. Safe and Well is a self- reporting tool, so the American Red Cross cannot verify for accuracy. Visit website

Facebook Safety Check

The Facebook Safety Check feature is activated for areas that are experiencing a disaster, so the individual needs to have an accurate location in order to use this feature.  If you are in an affected area you can mark yourself as safe and also check on friends or family in the impacted area to see if they have updated their safety status. Visit website

FEMA - Unaccompanied Minor Registration Form

This data collection tool is focused on collecting basic information of children who have been separated from their families as a result of a disaster. Individuals can provide basic information and photos concerning a located child whose parents are missing. Once registration information is submitted, it will be cross-referenced against any potential phone calls from a child's parents who may be searching for their child. Visit website

FEMA - National Emergency Family Registry and Locator System

This secure, online system provides a platform for survivors and loved ones to communicate their location and leave messages. This resource is only activated during disasters. Visit website

Animal Reunification Services

Human and technological resources that seek to reconnect lost pets with their families (the below services are available at all times, not just after a disaster).

San Diego County Animal Services Lost and Found - Visit website

Microchip Look Up - if your pet has a chip, you can check this database to see if there is any recent information about their location. Visit website

Finding Rover - a free app for iOS and Android that utilizes facial recognition to search for pets across the United States. Visit website