09/10/2020 12:24 PM PDT

Lakeside Rodeo Grounds Closing for Horse Evacuations

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services closed the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds for horse evacuations, but anyone with a need to evacuate horses or other large or small animals can still bring them to the County’s Bonita shelter at 5821 Sweetwater Road.

The shelter now has space because many animals have been claimed.

For people who would like to claim their evacuated small or large animals today or in the next days at the Bonita shelter, please call to make an appointment at (619) 767-2375 so staff can have animals ready.

To claim large animals from the Iron Oak Canyon Ranch facility, no appointment is necessary.

All those claiming animals will need to bring proof of ownership which can include veterinary records.

For the latest emergency updates in English and Spanish, visit sdcountyemergency.com and download the SD Emergency app.